A good way to start a new person is getting quick wins from the beginning and recognize them. Have a small ritual – your sales rep gets the first client open up champagne! Treat all of your salespeople like superstars, because sales are a transfer of emotions.

5 Steps how to start and grow a “Super Star”

1.)Teach them “it’s your own business” mentality.

Your employees will usually care less about the company than you will because they haven’t put in so much effort to build it.  Give your salespeople freedom and responsibility after they have proven themselves that they can produce.- See more at

2.)Step by Step study system.

Each week teach your salespeople something new.
Gift books to your people, that you think could help them to reach the next level. Get them to seminars or online courses.


Yes, that’s obvious but sometimes it’s too obvious that it might be forgotten. Get your salespeople specific goals so they know what is expected from them. Also, teach them how to get there so your people would be successful.

4.)Sales Talk

Holy crap! So many firms I have talked to I have asked okay what’s your sales talk that you give to new people and they say. “Oh don’t worry they will figure something out.”
Yeah, they will figure something out, but when you want new people to stay longer and bring in results from the first week I strongly advise to get your sales talk done word for word.

5.)Getting new business in

Teach them to ask referrals. Each client they talk to doesn’t matter if they buy or not, always ask for referrals. The faster they start asking referrals faster they will grow client base.

Take good care of your people, because they are the ones who will bring in the new business. And don’t delegate to them tasks that are not bringing in new business. Salespeople Account Executives or, however, you love to call them are in the organization to bring in new business. More you let them do their job, faster your company will grow.