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Our mission

We are a team of entrepreneurs who are constantly working on new products. We launched ScalingLocals because we constantly stumbled into a few obstacles while we were initially launching new products and that was how to scale them globally? We have an amazing product, we know how to get the attention so people are actually purchasing them, but how to expand to other markets?

We also had many unanswered questions like. How to get our products labeled and packaged, should we do it on our own or use someone to do it for us? How can we deal with the logistics? So we could ship our products to our customers at their doorstep or how to get our products to Amazon, Etsy, and other larger Online retailers. What’s the potential of our product is it hero or is it a zero?

When talking to other Entrepreneurs and business owners we found out that they had the exact same questions, and we saw some amazing products not reaching their true potential. That’s when we decided to launch Scaling Locals. Our goal is to help businesses that have a great product that could potentially impact millions of lives to actually reach them. We have built the infrastructure that helps companies to take products from zero to hero by dealing with the logistics, product development, marketing, packaging, product design and even setting up e-commerce stores.