Change is uncomfortable and many people would do anything before they would change from old habit to a new one. Although as we all know that if we are not growing we are dying. Sounds brutal, but that’s the hard truth.
We all have had that moment when we have been going in one direction and then we have found out that it actually isn’t the best way to go forward. Although if you are leading a company, then it’s a little bit harder to explain why did you choose the new path.
It’s easy when everybody is on board and they cheer for that idea. But what to do when you get huge resistance from your people.
Here’re 3 simple steps how to transform negative focus into positive.
1. Level with your people – Expect The resistance

State the obvious, that most of them probably don’t like the new idea what they have to do it. Admit that you were in the same place before you took the decision and thinking about all the discomfort that would be temporary.

2.Thought about it
What are the good things about the change, why it will help to grow to the next level.

3.Why you like it
After some time when you had tried it or thought about it, you started to like it more and more.


The company has been using a certain CRM system for over 2 years. After all this time, you have found a new one and it’s the very best CRM system that is out there for your business. You have thought it through carefully and see it’s the best tool for your company. The thing is that your people have been using the last one for 2 years and they are all used to it. And to add a little gasoline to fire it took your people close to a year to learn the first system!

What should you say?

Step 1: Didn’t like it

First of all, we have been using this XY CRM for over 2 years I know that most of you have been getting the hang of it recently.
Although we have decided to move on with another CRM system.
At first, I didn’t like that idea because I know how long it took for you to learn the first system. And how much easier it is what we did previously from that.

Step 2: Started to think about it

When I started to think about it I saw a great way to make your lives even more sufficient so you can get your job done even more efficiently.

Ofcourse the change is uncomfortable, but the pain is temporary. Because thanks to this new system you don’t have to take an extra 2 hours to insert your data.

Step 3: Now I love it!

We tried it out and we have been using for a little while and from our experience we love it!
Because it does this and that….

If you still get some resistance then give them some time and ask them to trust you. A good rule of thumb to manage expectations is: “under promise and over deliver.”