Today’s topic is sales. What to do when you just can’t reach your potential client although you know that you can bring huge value to them.

In B2B sales there is quite another mindset, you simply can’t say:
“Some will some won’t so what who’s next.” Especially when you are talking about huge partner deals.

Why decision makers usually don’t answer your calls or you can’t reach them through the secretary:

  • They are afraid that you’ll be another boring salesperson trying to get something. That means they don’t know your value.
  • Or they have heard about you and they think you’re not worth their time.

What to do?

It all starts from following up on your leads and in B2B it takes usually more than a week to make a decision, because they have to talk to all sorts of people including Santa and their pet Nemo.

If you’re a salesperson and your product actually sucks then do yourself a favor and quit today and find a new product that’s the best on the market.

But today’s post is made for people who’s product is awesome and the company is actually providing value.

Usually, the secretaries or the gatekeepers are paid to keep people away from the decision makers because unnecessary interruptions will clutter their days.
So my first rule of thumb is always befriending the gatekeeper – they are your friends not the person to bash and to destroy miserably.

What to do when you just can’t get through – Usually you can get at least the decision maker’s email address.
So usually that’s where most salespeople quit and go on to another account. That all depends on the size of the account.

How to convert those “sad” email addresses into a new opportunity?

You send them a quick video that’s somewhere 1-2 minutes.

4 key goals for creating professional video call

  1. Why you’re contacting them? – Why they should be interested in talking to you
  2. What is your “big fat claim” that you can back up? (your product or service does this or that)
  3. Who you are  – Establish that you’re an expert in your area and build trust.
  4. Ask them to email you back so you can set up a meeting

Good persistence is a key to show your clients that you’re willing to go the extra mile to win their business.

“Always over deliver and under promise!”

And if that didn’t work out give them 2 months to cool down, repeat the process and eventually they will answer you.

DISCLAIMER! Know when: “No is no” so you don’t hurt your business and reputation!