In the era, where Toys are us, blockbusters and other gigantic retailers who are going out of the business. and other retailers who are on the break of going out of the business. Due to different reasons one of which is being romantic of the “good old times” and how things used to work. Decided to write this post to help them to cope with the fast-changing landscape of technology and how they could use Social Media to get foot traffic into their stores, without breaking a bank. This short cheat-sheet is about how to maximize your impact on the most important social media platforms
If you are thinking about opening up a new location or you have already been in business for a couple of years you probably know that the foot traffic is the key to success. Before thinking about investing in a store make sure that you are in located in the middle of large foot or car traffic. If you have a shop next to vast car traffic, make sure that there is enough parking space, so you won’t miss out on potential customers, who can’t park there and won’t end up visiting your shop due to that reason. There’s also a possibility to build a destination place where people will take time to drive there. If you don’t take care of the basics, unfortunately, the hard truth is: “you’re on your way going out of the business.”

As the business owner, you are probably engaging with your customers Online by creating an email newsletter, and being active on social media.(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram). If not then you must do it today, for not falling out of the business.

Why should you use all of them? Yeah sure, you don’t have to use all of them, but when you want to increase your foot traffic and sales in store with almost 0 budget then what are you waiting for, right?

How to increase in-store foot traffic using Social Media

Today Facebook has ~2.3 billion people and the probability is that there are more than 60% of your local people on Facebook

  • create location-based targeted adds to increase foot traffic.
  • Post/share relevant content about your industry. For example, you are selling Sports equipment. Create post about 10 things to consider before buying a new running shoe
  • Create videos and pictures about the latest arrivals in store.
  • Post pictures and videos about the latest promotions
  • Create and post your press releases
  • Share printable coupons that your customers can redeem in a shop
  • Set up facebook pixel campaigns


  • Tweet about the same content that you uploaded on Facebook and other social media engines.
  • Tweet about the latest promotions, press releases.
  • Share printable coupons that your customers can redeem in a shop


  • Pinterest and Instagram are the biggest search engine for pictures, videos, and visual ideas
  • People referred by Pinterest are 10 times more likely to make a purchase from an ecommerce site than on any other social media platform
  • Every day, nearly 2 million people save product-rich Pins
  • The average order value of sales directed from Pinterest is around $50
  • Share pictures of your newest products or promotions through Instagram and Pinterest
  • Share printable coupons that your customers can redeem in a shop

As this topic is on consumer products and locations I would recommend using LinkedIn as sharing the word because there are 500 million people. But I would address the content from another angle, that would be relevant for this platform.