About the Client:

Sanitify is a BioTech Company. Their main verticals are Providing Bio-Fogging solutions for organizations. On top of that, they are providing alcohol-free sanitizers to fight against the current epidemic, without compromising the health of the skin.

ScalingLocals Contribution:


When we created a Sanitify brand, our criteria were to keep it clean & simple. With that in mind, we created logo and all the necessary promotional materials.

Web Design

Sanitify platform was built to generate b2b leads for fogging and dry soap products. The site contains numerous landing pages each tailored for the specific client in mind.

B2B Lead Generation funnels

ScalingLocals created sales funnels, that helps Sanitify to collect pre-qualified leads with ease. We also set up, automated processes for salespeople to save time with their everyday work, and manage their sales leads with ease. By using our automated processes, we have seen an increase in sales productivity of 80%

Project Manager: Kenn Lend

20. March, 2020