ScalingLocals helped SpiritDog to Growth Since the beginning of the year 5400%.
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SpiritDog Training

About the Client:

If you are looking for advice and guidance in training your dog, you came to the right place. There are as many different issues as there are dogs, and we understand that no situation is the same as the next one. We will not present you a cookie-cutter approach to solving behavior or obedience issues, but rather see you and your dog as individuals and tailor our solutions to you. Training for dogs does not need to be boring and frustrating. Let us show you how we can make it fun for both owner and dog!

ScalingLocals Contribution:

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New cutting edge online learning platform

SpiritDog platform is a unique dog training platform, providing dog owners with the right tools and skillset to become a better friend to their dog. Our job was to create a user-friendly dog training platform that presents easy to use learning modules.

Made to scale

We created a scalable platform, by enabling other dog trainers to easily join the platform and distribute their classes, so they can also tap into SpiritDog infrastructure and reach larger audiences.

Learning Platform Made to convert:

At ScalingLocals we don’t only build beautifully designed platforms, our websites are made to convert visitors easily to paying customers. We set up different packages. pricing strategy, and sales strategy to easily convert targeted visitors into customers. Since the beginning of the year, we have helped SpiritDog to increase 5400%

Project Manager: Kenn Lend

10. Jan, 2020