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What is Brushly?


Brushly is a platform/marketplace for artists to easily monetize their art. Brushly is helping artists by uploading their digital art to our platform, where it will be created into an NFT and produced into merchandise sold worldwide. By doing so, it gives artists freedom to do what they love the most, creating.
While Brushlys team will take care of all the heavy lifting from minting the NFTs, creating or even designing the merchandise all the way to manufacturing, shipping, and dealing with KARENs.


With Brushly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner at the start of your career, an established independent artist, or a famous brand/influencer. Brushly has customized solutions for all these use cases.


, Estonia


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Goal: 150,000.00
Minimum amount is €25000 Maximum amount is €250000 Back Campaign
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Blockchain and NFTs provide an opportunity for the world to pause and reconsider the way business has always been done. By cutting out the unnecessary middlemen and providing transparency and ease of access to art. We envision a world where creators take back control of their content and connect directly with collectors. Where designers can easily license their artworks, so they can earn from every single artpiece they have ever created, perpetually.


Our mission is to deliver a groundbreaking ART marketplace and tools, to facilitate cooperation between creators, collectors, Fans, and investors; thereby giving creators what they need to be truly independent and in the driver’s seat of their creative content.

Why contribute to Brushly?


Get an NFT part of the OG series, that will be sold on merchandise.
November, 2022
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The founders club exclusive NFT is limited to only 1000 people. The OG of Brushly NFT Owners club can get free access to future updates such as: -Free NFT Drops -Each new NFT dropped into your wallet will be also sold on via the brushlys marketplace as a product is it a Hoodie, T-shirt, Wallart, interior product. - Get early access to any new features rolling out on Brushlys Marketplace - License your NFT products at Brushlys marketplace for free. - Earn more commission on each licensed NFT you sell on Brushlys marketplace. - And so much more!
1 backers
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