How to boost your business more than 100% with a simple meeting system?
Each meeting must be picked up from the last one. If you divide a year into 52 weeks then you will have 52 key meetings in a year. Those are the only meetings necessary for your organization. That’s the meeting what will be never repeated and you must be dead or on vacation to skip that meeting. That’s how important this is.
 Why staff just can’t skip those meetings?
The reason is simple: because they are going to miss a lot when they are not there. They are going to miss out on all the insights that make a company grow and all the information that makes their own work more easier.

  • Recognize your talent!
    A good way to start the meeting is with recognition. Bring forward all the people who created awesome results previous week. For example who made most sales and who brought in the biggest client and so on.
  • Always start meetings on time and end them on time.
    Meetings must always be on time and never run over. The reason for that is you don’t want to have your people wondering.” oh god how long does that meeting gonna take.” Especially when you are dealing with salespeople because each meeting they are on, they are not earning money.
  • Have 4-6 topics that you need to discuss
    I have discovered that it’s the most optimal range for 1-hour meetings because when you go over that number you usually don’t get more juice out of the meeting.
  • Don’t let anybody disturb the meeting and no Candy Crush notifications either
    Oh god, I have had “those meetings” where CEOs phone rings and then we find out that the call has taken place more than 15 minutes. Simply put those freaking phones on silent, nothing won’t happen within that time frame that’s so crucial.
    Also no e-mails and other social media that’s the time where usually good insights come.
  • Make meeting to brainstorming event 
    Everybody find 5 new ways to tackle the problem. If larger organization create groups of 4-5 people. Oh and never criticize ideas even if they are very dull because that just blocks peoples mind and they are more feared about doing the wrong thing instead of finding a solution. Just make the environment pleasant to share ideas
  • Train your people with high intensity!
    During each weekly meeting, there must be training part that improves the staff.
    In sales, the best sales team isn’t the ones who got the fanciest closing lines. Instead, it’s the ones who have mastered the basics. Companies top producers are the ones who have mastered the core of the business.
  • Role play sessions.
    one way that top firms train their staff is by creating role plays. for example in customer support what happens when some crazy customer answers and how to deal with that scenario.
    Also, don’t put your people on the spot give them some time to prepare.
  • Follow – up!
    I can’t put enough emphasis on that.  That’s the glue which makes businesses to grow each week. That means if someone has a good idea on how to increase sales in your organizations then test it out for a week and then come back and let us see the results. Maybe it’s an awesome idea, but you simply need to make small adjustments.

That goes more to a smaller or medium businesses
Each week have 1 hour meeting on the most important aspect in business. Growing customer base, How to create an amazing customer experience, How to stand out in the market. Follow up on your previous action and watch how your business transforms to the next level within 1 year.