In today’s world, there are 100 things that constantly wants our attention like a needy girlfriend. The key to success is in learning to say no.

  1. Cut your day down into junks.
    Basically, you can make your day to goal periods that are 2-4 hours long. You just focus on the task at hand.
  2. An intense focus on the key tasks
    If you’re an entrepreneur, sales/marketing person the one who needs to get a word out of your company.
    To get in new clients I would advice you to take at least 2 hours a day for calling your new potential “customers.” The key in that is you make it your “GTFO time” It means you take no calls. Make clear that during that time nobody comes to talk to you and no emails. It’s you banging on the phone and making the calls to people who get your business to next level.

  1. Totally mute your phone when focused on tasks 
    As I said before focus is key to success. Usually, I get a new notification about every 30 seconds. Now imagine you’re trying to warp out an awesome blog post or email to your client. Instead of taking 30 minutes of intense focus you will stretch the task out to 2 hours. Because in every minute there goes ping and your eyes automatically glimpse over your phone even if you don’t want to.
  2. Send out emails only 2-3 times during a day.
    Email is the king in killing your time and focus. When I arrived at a so-called “milestone” of getting more than 150 emails a day I saw how my day just got destroyed by answering to emails whenever I could. Trough that I was constantly thinking about the emails, but I lost the focus to be present in current situations. So what I did I started to answer emails in the morning and in the evening.
    You say:” oh I can’t do that, my people need me 24/7!”  Yes, you can 80% of the emails that come in are just a fog.
  3. For all those Facebook addicts.
    I got an awesome solution for you it’s News Feed Eradictator – basically, the reason why you go to Facebook is to check the news feed and usually, it’s full of click baits that steal your time. So no distractions no problem.
  4. Don’t be a Superman or woman Get a real/virtual assistant
    Please don’t make a mistake of being a bottleneck in your own business: As entrepreneurs, we take huge pride in getting tons of shit done. But it doesn’t matter if those things are just activities that don’t bring in the money. That’s why you need an assistant to keep your own focus on bringing in new customers or whatever is that makes your business grow.

To be successful you have to have a key goal on what you’re focused on. Everything else becomes a fog that doesn’t matter. You should ask yourself if: “that what I’m doing right now will get me closer to my goal?” If the answer is direct yes then keep on doing but if you hesitate on answering that then you have to reconsider your priorities.